Our Visiting Fellows

We want to build a community of practitioners working on complex and systemic challenges. We seek to do this through listening, creating and sharing with a broad range of people from across different sectors and disciplines who are equally as passionate about exploring the complexity of our changing world. 

Judah Armani
Judah Armani Visiting Fellow

Judah Armani, is an adjunct professor at The Royal College of Art and the Head of the Social Impact Challenge lab, he is the founder and principal of UK’s  Public Service Design Studio  and  InHouse Records. Judah has a background in product and service design, human rights and corporate social responsibility. InHouse Records is the world’s first record label to be launched in a prison and run by incarcerated individuals and graduates of the program. This award winning approach focuses on prisoners’ strengths, building on existing skills and developing new ones, through dialogue and a unique curriculum that is written by the prisoners themselves.

As a CfC Visiting Fellow, Judah is supporting a range of CfC projects.

Leigh Hubbard
Leigh Hubbard Strategic Design Research Fellow

Leigh Hubbard (she/her) is a Registered Nurse and the clinical manager of Open Door Health, an initiative of the Rhode Island Public Health Institute. She specializes in healthcare access for the LGBTQ community. She is Lean and Six Sigma trained, and she earned her Masters in Healthcare Administration from Salve Regina in 2017. Throughout her career she has focused on ensuring the best possible experience and outcome for patients and fellow nursing and healthcare colleagues while navigating through or working within the complex healthcare system. Leigh has taught online courses on the topics of Opioid Use and Addiction to countless RNs, helping to deepen their understanding of the prevalence of drug use and the impact that nurses/healthcare professionals can have on influencing access to care and ultimately the lifetime health trajectory for people who use drugs.

As a CfC Strategic Design Research Fellow, Leigh is supporting projects related to the Opioids, Care, and Addiction portfolio, providing insight from the Nursing perspective, and furthering her knowledge of design research as it can potentially apply to improving the health and safety of marginalized populations, including people who use drugs.

Past Fellows
  • Arianna Mazzeo
  • Irina Wang
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