Pedagogical Artifacts – 2018 Summer Strategic Design Institute

CfC’s first project in the spring into summer of 2018 was developing and facilitating the pedagogy for a 7 week project-based learning studio designed to equip professionals from all backgrounds and disciplines with the mindsets and practices for working effectively in environments where complexity and uncertainty are the norm. What follows are a few artifacts of the planning process for structuring the learning. They are not at all intended to be comprehensive, but offer a glimpse into the thinking that made the summer possible. The cohort of 24 professionals from Infosys that summer included technologists, data scientists, engineers, creative practitioners, managers. Over 7 weeks, the core project-based brief for teams was designing the future of human and societal wellbeing for a digital age.

May 2018

6 Page Overview

Student Journey

July 2018

7-Week Architecture