Questions for Edges of Emergency Medicine Practice: Fine Details & Bigger Picture

June 2020

We are interested in the bridge between how we develop new knowledge to operate in today’s complex world, and how we apply that knowledge in practice. As a research organization, we are interested in exploring the gap between clinical expertise and how decisions are made in complex spaces within emergency medicine. Here are some questions that we believe will reveal the relationship between the details in context and the bigger picture:

  • What is signal and what is noise in the ER, and how do clinical staff distinguish between them?
  • When clinical guidelines, training, and protocols were insufficient for meeting the moment, what can clinical staff learn about the decision-making process? 
  • How do clinical staff respond when the mental models that help them prepare clash with the realities they encounter in the ER?
  • How did EM come to be the way it is? An analysis considering timeline:

– Written by Sahib Singh