RISD & Poptech – A Collaborative Endeavor

In collaboration with PopTech, the Center for Complexity (CfC) hosted a two day convening in March 2019 to discuss the future of food, conducted in-the-round. Conversations-in-the-round offer an experimental and collaborative forum where a variety of perspectives collide to reimagine how we should approach navigating complex challenges.

30 professionals, community leaders, ag-tech startups, policymakers, local activists, global aid administrators, and many other important voices in the food industry were in attendance. We did not set out to create solutions, rather we devoted our time to exploration — a process that allowed us to assess, discover, reality-check, and strategically plan the next phase of the journey. A publication was created to capture the discussions, workshops, proposals, deign principles and actionable next steps. 

The outcomes of this first convening will guide what comes next. Our aim is to initiate a series of projects conducted by the CfC and our partners to advance the future of food according to shared design principles. We are working with PopTech to host further convenings. 

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