Strategic Leadership Program

How can the methods and mindsets of a strategic design process lead to the realization of untapped value and catalyze the advisor-client relationship? 

This 6-week course is developed for advanced career account executives that help elevate the critical role of relevant strategic insight and communication in their work. The course aims to hone participants’ ability to produce an expanded definition of value for the client relationships they steward. Ideal participants embody a willingness to creatively engage in complex topics and to move fluidly between conceptual and concrete thinking. 

Initially designed as an immersive co-located and collaborative cohort, participants would work in interdisciplinary teams in a week-long foundational sprint to establish fundamental literacy and methods at the RISD campus in Providence Rhode Island. Facilitated by experts from across the spectrum of design practice, with world-class guest contributors from the RISD faculty and alumni network, participants advance their strategic practice, and scale their company’s capacity to generate strategic insight that results in an expanded realization of value and opportunity.

The program would continue with participants working in their industry-specific teams to investigate shared challenges and continuing the cycle of strategic insight generation, communication, and implementation over a period of several weeks. Participants would join a growing community of diverse global practice, tackling a spectrum of complex societal and systemic challenges.

In the current context of WFH mandates across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Strategic Programs team has developed a suite of offerings that not only maintain a high quality of engaged and collaborative learning but utilize these new challenges as key features in delivering exceptional strategic design education offerings.